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strange new grown ups.

we are connected by wires, cables and modems
rarely a handshake.

we are comforted by the
white noise sounds
of running fans and air conditioners.

the din of traffic
waves of hushed metallic clamor
from our overpopulated streets. calmed by the aquamarine blue screens
of non signaled TVs.

our lava lamps are screen savers.

our idea of freedom costs
too much money.

after all the bullshit we've dealt with
growing up
like every generation before us,

we reacted poorly.

now addicted to smoke in our lungs
we grew up knowing as prepackaged death
killing the earth
eating supersized poison food
waiting for cancer as if it's a
social disease.

we don't want to get old anyway
we were the first to see
what it's done to the rockstars.

we've watched our heroes sell out

instead of die tragically.

witnessed their old age fear
of dying
in blaring Technicolor and

watched the wrinkles grow with their
bank accounts as
their integrity hits




we see this as the greatest threat.

the old getting richer instead of wiser.

while we starve on the pavement,

hungry for culture and beauty

and food that won't kill us.

never wanting to grow up
because we have no idea
why we should.

Created: Aug 10, 2012


Micaela_Petersen Document Media