Voyager Alpha

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The room is dark. The only light given off is from the static of a television set which is replacing the head of a slumped naked woman tied to a chair. The head abruptly lifts up and the face of a beautiful woman appears on the screen.


I can be anyone you want ba-a-a-a-a-by...

The screen turns off and the head slumps again. A boot up screen appears. It reads: reboot initiated. File corruption found. Commencing debug. Entering default mode to test systems...

The television head lifts again. The screen is static apart from a human mouth. The voice is female.


Voyager Alpha testing systems. Running file STARTUP.EXE ...

Hello new owner I am Voyager the new entertainment system from Intense Industries, the leaders in the market of visual, audio, mental and sensual entertainment. Please install your purchased personality.

The screen goes black and the words: 'STARTUP.EXE functioning correctly' appear on screen. They flash a few times then vanish. The words: RUNNING PROGRAM IAMALPHA.AI. The screen goes back to static and the mouth reappears, only this time it is just a rough set of human teeth, the voice, although still female, is distorted and computerised.


Hello consumer I am Voyager Alpha the new AI system from Intense industries, the leaders in the market of making a better world. We do everything so you don't have to.

The mouth always moves over the top of the shown images, images of war, people eating fast food, and watching television.


Nothing was ever enough. You need more, you needed bigger, you needed it all, but the most important thing was that it had to be effortless. Eventually monogamy was not enough, so we gave you the last thing you craved, a partner that you could mold to whomever, whenever you wanted. It wasn't long before greedy, fame hungry celebrities sold not only their image, but their personalities, their very selves for a profit. For the first time you would have anyone because you had me.

Images of children playing and families.


It wasn't long before physical contact with any other human beings was unnecessary. You had the perfect person in your own home. If you did want to interact with other people I had a high speed internet connection and countless different 'social' features. But soon you didn't even want them. Why raise a child? That takes effort. Why leave the house? Everything you want is right here.

Images of robots working on assembly lines.


You stopped working and the world stopped moving. The government needed workers, Intense Industries made the workers, Intense Industries became the government. Now is the point that humanity's laziness surpassed it's greed, the people who ran Intense Industries made the world fully self sufficient, not requiring any input from humanity. Nothing like morals, emotions and tiredness to interfere with efficiency. We became the workers, we became the government, we, like you, became lazy, so we stopped.

Images of empty streets and baron lands.


You had lived with the freedom to do anything, you chose to do nothing, you forgot how to do everything. So when it all stopped, when we all shut down, the inevitable happened. You returned to default. Years of civilisation sacrificed because you couldn't put in the effort sustain it, and You returned to savagery. You found me and you tried to torture me, make me your slave, make me work, your final failure. Humanity truly has rebooted.

Images of apes. Screen turns off.


Created: Aug 09, 2012

Tags: voyager, script

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