Untold Secret (Present)

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The past defines us, the present give us life and the future is our challenge. But which one is the most importnant one?

The second I got inside the rooom, the flashback got to me. It was like walking into invisible glass, it hitted me so hard, I forgot how to breathe.

Nothing lasts forever they say, they say. But I know the truth. Some things lasts forever. Memories. And sometimes, the bad ones are easier to remember.

"Please..Get me out of here," I said as fast as possible, and almost ran outside. She looked confused at me.

"But.. Haven't you traveled all the way down here, just to see this place again?" she asked, and I looked at her, with a look that said "You don't know what happened here", and she nodded and locked the door behind her.

That was the worst part of this. Nobody knew what happened here. Only a few people. We could never tell anyone. It was and will always be our secrets. But sometimes, secrets aren't meant to be untold.

Sometimes, it's just necessary to let it out. And it was time. There is no future in hiding the past in the present.

Created: Aug 09, 2012

Tags: present, flashback, past

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