Alone In The Dark

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In the shades of these depths, lost in the mire

Tried to find my way back, try to pull myself higher

Now I know the truth and there's no turning back

It's the end of the road, no foreseeable tracks


I'm alone in the dark, going out on a limb

Gotta save myself, can't let my loneliness win

While everyone's out, I'm gonna leave my mark

To let everyone see that I'm alone in the dark


The pressure is building, I'm losing my senses

The light that was guiding me shimmers and dances

And then it's gone without a whimper or moan

And I find myself here all alone


I'm alone in the dark, falling off of a limb

Trying to save myself, letting my loneliness win

Now I'm left all alone, living with silence's bark

Because nobody knows that I'm alone in the dark


I'm alone in the dark, climbing back on a limb

And I save myself didn't let my loneliness win

I'm no longer alone, out of the silenced arc

Because everyone saved me from being alone in the dark



(If someone wants to make a song out of this, I would love it!)

Created: Aug 09, 2012

Tags: lyrics

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