Present Confusion

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They were facing each other. A circle.

they were all gathered, just to discuss. But how could they? If they didn't have mouths?

The present, looked at the future, and told him "You... come later"

But the "Future" looked at the present and told her "No... You're wrong... You are the past... I am here, and now"

The Past looked at both of them and told them "You are both mixing everything up. Both of you... are part of the After... I am part of the today"

"You were" They said at the same time.

The discussion went by, for ages, because none of them was right.

The only present thing in the room... Was time. 

And the present time... Is confusion.

While the past is remembered, and remembered correctly, the past is present. That's why when the Future is being thought of, it is present aswell.

So what happends when the Present is present? It ponders about time.

Here's a present for you all:

A minute you spent presently reading about time. And another minute, thinking perhaps that you wasted it reading this mess. Or maybe appreciating for a moment the person who wrote it. Whose now is printed on imaginary paper. And whose now, will soon become past. There are many "todays" waiting to be lived.

Created: Aug 09, 2012


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