Pearls and Swine

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Do you think I really would be so pleased that you could even think of having an affair with me.. that I should be so grateful? That I don’t get hit on by men constantly with the same unbelievable offers that include paying for my car or apartment to just be at their beck and call like I was their own personal property.. kinda like the offer you just offered me? Sorry honey yours was nothing out of the ordinary.. and its all the same.. no value, why would I pick you… all these offers of luxury or even just sex with no commitment that shows you have no true respect for me nor do you see my value.. so why would I toss pearls at swine?

To choose this would be to not only disrespect the one I love so dear (myself) and  to disrespect women and everything I stand for.. why and how could you or any other swine even possible ask this of me.. look at your wife and look at your daughter… would you really want someone to ever ask this of them?  Really look in the mirror are you even something for them to even be proud of? 

Created: Aug 09, 2012


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