give me a name (Dialogue)

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What's your name?

I don't have a name.

How can you not have a name?

I wasn't given one.

What about your parents? They must have given you a name!

I don't have parents.

Of course you have parents! Do you not know them or something?

I don't know. You didn't make me know.


Yes, you. You created me.

How can I have created you? You're human!

Am I? I don't remember you telling me that I am.

But you are!

But you never wrote it down. You took a pen and started writing about someone who's different. And you created me.

I created you... by writing your story?

Yes. Now you shouldn't ask me about my name - ask yourself. Why didn't you give me a name? 

Created: Aug 09, 2012


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