Jumping on Quixaudacity Day!

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One of my more quixaudacious moments.

"Quixaudacity is one of my favorite words. It's a neologism made up by me and dan. It has the same root as quixotic, (like Don Quixote) and it means having the clit to just be your character and insisting that people to interact with you on your on terms. It also means having the panache to pull it off."

I like to think I'm fairly quixaudacious most days, but this day I was in prime condition. I put on a frilly dress, marched down to the post office, hummed in line, smiled at people, and generally had an awesome day. I figured a jumping picture was the only proper way to record the occasion.

Created: Jan 27, 2009

Tags: teafaerie, photograph, jumping, quixaudacity, jump

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