An Old Lady's Last Wish

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An Old Lady's Last Wish


    A frail silhouette was laying on a bed, slightly enlightened by the flickering glow of a candle.  She was but the shadow of her true-self, hidden behind a wall of wrinkles.  The only two elements that could have been recognizable from her past were her eyes, of an amber tint, gleaming of knowledge and cleverness, yet undermined by the absolute pain they reflected.  She glanced towards both sides of her bed, as she had taken the habit over the years, to find nothing but loneliness.  Her husband had succombed to the bombardment of the Pearl Harbor's fleet, ten years ago and the only daughter she had , as the years went by, vanished from the poor old lady's existence.  A tear fell from her eye and glided on her papery cheek.  "If only ... if only I could have known things would have went so bad for me..., she thought."  A smile rose on her emaciated lips.  A smile she would keep forever.  A sudden heat waved through her heart, one she hadn't felt for many years.  "If only I could live once more...".  She slowly closed her eyelids.  As she felt her heart rate decreasing, she uttered a long sigh.  Life deserted her corpse.  She left the world, almost unknown.

    In a hospital, many nurses, hurried by the sudden rush of newborns in the nursery, were running from one spot to another, breathless.  One of them suddenly stopped in front of a baby, who had his eyes wide open.  As she peered him, she identified the magnificent color of his eyes, of an amber tint.  Her jaw dropped.  Those were the same her mother had...

Created: Aug 09, 2012

Tags: fiction

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