The Uneventful Day

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The Uneventful Day

A yawn

That stretched a mile wide

Warning off the easiness of sleep

My sleeve sliding down my arm

Head leaning against the palm of my hand

The carpet tickles the bottom of my feet

A long sweater clings to my hips

Covering what makes me a pure female

Allowing my legs to breathe freely

The plastic chair stinging my thighs

I trace the letters on my coffee mug

Delicately, afraid it will break at my touch

A habit I have every morning

To clear the cobwebs in my head

Its Monday

Five more days until sleep arrives

Four more nights of small cat naps

Between papers

Just five more afternoons until

Schedules lost their meaning

I cleanse my coffee mug

Cleaning out the sin of a slow morning

As I slip on some jeans

I slip under covers in my mind

I’m not ready

But I curl up on my bed

To peer to the left at my clock

It blinks Sunday instead

So I decide to sleep in

Created: Aug 08, 2012


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