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It's a chronic illness. In fact, it will only get worse, and there's no cure. It's often fought virtually alone with only the support of doctors that are paid for that support. The afflicted hasn't done anything wrong. The illness isn't caused by anything they've done...and yet, if known, employers might be less likely to hire them, people might be less likely to form intimate relationships with them...even if they're properly treated and not currently exhibiting any symptoms. People will judge their character and make assumptions about their opinions and behavior. People will doubt them. They will feel lonely even when surrounded by friends or family. They will feel like actors...or worse, liars. And those people that don't think the worst of them after discovering their disease....well, oftentimes, they simply aren't aware of the severity, thinking that what they've observed doesn't match up to the latest movie of the week. The ill individual must simply wait for the next time symptoms rear their ugly head. Those they've tried to prepare for it are already alienated and those they haven't will soon be, and with that have a complete lack of understanding for what has happened. And based on that, they'll judge. And even though the patient cannot help these symptoms, they will be forced to take responsibility for them and feel guilt for something beyond their control. And the worst thing is knowing that it's been written time and time again that it's not if someone with this illness attempts suicide (or succeeds), it's when. No....the worst thing is knowing it's true.

Created: Aug 08, 2012


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