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THE FISH IN THE TANK is a brand of clothing for women and men - this project is divided between fashion illustration and clothing design. This collection is implicitly linked to my childhood memories and my current influences, to get the codes I footprint of the popular culture of the 80s-90s - Elli and Janco, Taxi Grill, MAGNUM, Night of the comet ... THE FISH iN THE TANK adapts these symbols for a reinterpretation of the aesthetics of eighties and nineties for a sleek and cool style. Line of clothing with floral patterns, integrations of phosphorescent colors, color tones, gold, work on fabric by the techniques of patchwork and embroidery, ... THE FISH IN THE TANK also offers unique travel bags are timeless in style, but also essential to complete the required proposed.The website will soon put online in January 2013.

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Created: Aug 08, 2012

Tags: clothes, pattern, fashion, drawing, design, illustration

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