The Blue Balloon: Part 1

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It was a Tuesday morning the day Timothy Quick found the blue balloon. A quiet mid October Tuesday. He had not meant to find the balloon, but more of stumbled upon it.

As he walked into Corrigan Park that Tuesday, everything seemed as it should be. Chldren were playing, birds were flying, everything was at ease. As Timothy went further into the park he heard a childs cry for help.

"Help me! Help me! I'm trapped!"

Timothy followed the sound of the plea and ran to find out where it was coming from. As he reached the old well in the back of the park he finally saw the helpless child.

"Are you ok?" Timothy asked the child.

The child giggled in response to the question and then disappeared, leaving a blue balloon in her wake.

Timothy was baffled by what had just happened and considered it a hallucination. He continued his walk in the park as planned. When he got to his car he saw the balloon again and paid no attention to it as he felt it was once again his mind playing tricks on him.

He drove pack to his apartment, opened his front door, grabbed the newspaper, and sat down. As he finished reading all the major happenings in todays issue, he flipped back to the classifieds in search of a job.

In early September, Timother had been laid off from his job as a teller at Phillip Grand Banks. Up until that moment everything in life was good for Timothy, his girlfriend of three years and him were engaged, his mother's cancer had been cured, and his sister finally got her big break in Hollywood. Everyone in Timothy's life was doing just fine, except for his father, whose Alzheimers had reached its peak and slowly but surely killed his father.

Nowadays, however, things couldn't be worse. Timothy and his girlfriend April were constantly arguing with both parties threatning to end the relationship, his mothers cancer had come back and was stronger than ever, and his sister had succumb to drug use.

As he searched for a job he finally came about one that sounded nearly perfect.

Political Correspondent wanted at YLFA News Station

22/Hour 7 Days a week

Call 756-183-3847


Timothy had gone to Western Red college and studied political journalsim for four years, he could not, however, seem to ever find a job for such a career.

He picked up his cell phone and called the news station, arranging an interview for tommorow. He hung up the phone with joy in his heart. The joy of finding a job that will make him happy for the rest of his life, that is if he gets it.


At six o'clock April came home and the two shared a lovely dinner together, with no fighting or arguing. At ten o'clock the pair retired to their bedroom and fell soundly asleep. Timothy was abruptly woken up at approximately two to the feeling of latex against his cheek. He then saw it again, the blue balloon from the park.

Created: Aug 08, 2012


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