Broken Hearts

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"Companions for sale! Companions for sale! Find the right one for you! we have all kinds, the tall ones, The small ones, The Round ones and the bald ones!" yelled the desperate clerk. The clerk sold anything you could think of. Tea Cups to Hat's. Puzzles to Cloth the biggest variety of anything, But his speciality was companions for anyone. People would stop and look at them all to find "The One." "come on folks come take a look" The woman came to look at she headed my way. she listened for the beats of a heart that would match hers. Some were to fast, Some to slow and one in particular that didnt beat at all. "well sir, it seems that this ones broke." "ah yes. someone broke his heart, I could never fix it." "well thats a shame" the woman said "I thought he would be the one." she continued on her way. Next an even prettier woman began looking. Again some hearts beat to fast, Others to slow and even this woman stumbled upon the one with the broken heart. "Oh my!" she exclaimed "This one doesnt beat at all" "oh that old thing?" ill give it to you for a low price" the clerk said looking desperate. "i'm looking for one that isnt broken." she stuck her nose in the air and walked away. Hours went by no one wanted the man with the broken heart. Then something perculiar happened. There was yet another possible suitor. but she wasnt the pretiest. She had the tattered hair. The dirt covered nose. "Ah miss I dont think you can afford any of these" she walked by not caring what the clerk said. she didnt even look at the others she walked straight towards the one with the broken heart. "I need that one off my hands, you can have it for free if you wish." she didnt reply. she picked him up and carried it off, the clerk was dazed. She walked till she came upon the shack she called home. "you're mine, and im your's." she took a cloth cleaned his face. Then what happened next was rather odd. she took out his broken heart, she gave it a kiss and she filled it with love. she out it right back where it came from. she sat. listening. not making a sound, and then the heart started beating once again. the man started moving he cradled her in his arms and said "I Love you dear woman where have you been? ive been waiting for you to come back for me"

Created: Aug 08, 2012

Tags: fiction, story

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