Ode to my Mother

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I wish, I wish

Oh how I wish

my mother's will was mine.

I wish, you see,

a tiny dream,

to own a land divine.

With sea and fish,

a fleeting kiss,

will lock my destiny.

So I wake,

and now I take

my mother to the sea.

From lapping brine,

her will is mine.

A curse - I sigh.

Oh why did I yearn so heavily?

I wish my mother,

oh dear mother,

will rest so peacefully.

Out there coasting,

never floating,

through a tideless sea.

Though now I ache.

Would my mistake

call her home to me?

Again I wake,

to claim and take

my mother's soul for my escape.

Created: Aug 07, 2012

Tags: sea, poetry, curse, mother, soul, ocean

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