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As Shawn Johnson leaps to infinity and beyond on the uneven bars

She transforms into a bird, embracing the sky.

She clutches onto a thin cloud, whipping around, pivoting, twirling, swirling, spinning and sinning.

Her wings guide her, launch her into the air as people gaze in awe.

Feathers stretching and colorful.

Body soaring effortless


The bird tramples down as Shawn’s body gasps for breath

Gasps for the ability to breathe.

The coach sprints over to her lifeless body and sees her blood-ridden hands with open wounds.

His small hyperventilation of carbon dioxide slithers into her broken hand sliding into her blood stream up her arm around her shoulder into her esophagus giving her a breath that will open her eyes.

Her coach’s salty tears pierce her crucified hands as her eyes slowly close and her chest rises and falls; regulated breath.


Oh the lovely beauty.

The wonder of pain and suffering.

Blood is human’s secret wine which is why they fear wound

They don’t want others to know about it.

Dead flesh floates around and makes friends with floating feathers fluttering in the wind.

As we close our eyes and breathe in tulips and dandelions we are aware of how beautiful the world is without looking at it.

Feeling the hot sun our face, water on our scares, sounds of the Earth that weren’t fabricated from our hands.




At night, fairies come alive in the sky, and swim until the sun replaces the crescent moon and scares them away.

A magical civilization lives directly above us and only the lucky individuals that make time to lay in the grass and gaze upwards have front row seats.

Only the lucky ones


Created: Aug 06, 2012


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