Ode to a Nuisance

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It is breath-takingly awful to see your mouth open and close.

The sound that it makes is equally vile and wretched to hear.

Up and down the house constant day and night you do complain,

About any and all of the petty probelms you keep in your brain.

Like a drowsy slug you shuffle about the house

Poorly commenting on politics you no nothing of

It's more bullshit than my bowels dare to move.

Silence yourself, we don't care about trivial issues

We have actual problems and woes to live with.

Wail to your mother, the lady who bore you

Because we're all done, we're simply bored with you.

Created: Aug 06, 2012

Tags: annoying, poem, sad, funny, lol, jared, tired, poetry, complain, wtf, politics, ode, bull shit, sonnet, rude

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