The Day she came Home

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Standing on the front porch of my house, I had this feeling deep down that something was wrong. I can't describe it, without you thinking I'm a complete nutcase.

She was supposed to be there two hours ago, and yet, she was not. Fiddling with the keys to the front door, I unlocked it and stepped into a familiar smell that was like a slap to the face. An almost rude wake up call. I had missed that smell so terribly.

Standing there in the doorway and taking it all in, I remembered suddenly that there was something I had forgotten. A knick knack if you will, but it was something that meant a great deal to both of us. Walking back outside to my car, I grabbed a piece of paper from my glove compartment. It was worn, had spots on it, but it was magical...

Going back inside, I left it on the kitchen counter and then returned to the hallway, just standing there and looking at all the photos and memories it contained.

My phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket, it was from her. A text message. Some thing so small immediately became so big to me.

"I'll be right there honey. There was a lot of traffic. Xoxo." I smiled as I responded eagerly. I couldn't wait till she got here. It was almost unbearable.

Ten minutes later, a car finally pulled into the driveway, I bounded out the door to greet her and when I saw her smile...I couldn't breathe for a second.

"Mom!" I yelled as I ran to her door and opened it for her. She was still a little weak from the two months she had spent at the hospital, I could tell that she was tired, but her smile never faltered.

She basically fell around my neck and gave me the strongest hug she could muster.

"I've missed you so much mom." I said with a barely audible voice. She gave me yet another timid squeeze.

"I've missed you too..."

I helped her get inside the house as my dad who I had almost forgotten about collected my mother's bags and things from the car. I led her into the kitchen and she stared at the note laying on the kitchen counter. She stopped. Sighed a breath of relief and picked up the piece of paper. Placing it on the refrigerator with a magnet, she just stood there for a second. Taking in the word on it. I saw a tear fall from her eye, I had a lump in my throat.

Turning around she wiped the tear from her face and smiled at me. I knew what she was thinking, no words were needed.

As we ventured back into the hallway, I glanced back once last time and smiled brightly at the paper that meant so much to me and our family.

The simple word "Home" that adorned it, was a strength I had forgotten all about.

Hugging her tightly to me, I whispered in her ear.

"Good to have you home..."

Created: Aug 06, 2012


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