Nothing About You (REmix)

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the morning after near-disaster

I couldn't curb my tongue or rescue my head 

dwelling on thoughts you seemed to have read

a voice I never use rose up in me

as delicate & complicated as my origami heart

Let me tell you all about the beautiful things I see 



like summer's fruits & bees

you say it's just you

but you are scissors, through & through


the morning after near-disaster

I remembered that I heal faster

with commiseration, not more misery

you are still beautiful

and it's nothing about you, 

but I'm moving on, moving on you see?






 I heard this beautiful piece & this was what came out. Some interesing things have happened whilst on this trip of mine... I think falling in love (twice) is pretty impressive, for me :) Meh. Honestly, I think that my words are stuck, as far as trying to describe it all. This will come close enough, for the time being :p   











Created: Aug 06, 2012


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