How Secrets Work

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*Slow, haunting screech* There's about to be trouble, because the door just opened. Just like Pandora's box. Once it opens it can't be closed. Nothing can hide. The light has rushed in, and there are no shadows to hide behind anymore. Now it's been done. Everything I've tried to hide is now out into the open. Damn that sweet elixir for opening my mouth without me knowing. Now you know who I am. The facade I once portrayed has been erased by the secrets I kept. Published for the world to see in my own words. Written by my own tongue. Secrets, secrets are no fun. I try to take them back, but like liquid poured on the ground it changes shape so it can't be scooped back into the bottle. Now they're beginning to seep into your skin. It burns, doesn't it? I'm under your skin just trying to figure out how to stop, but damage is done. Secrets, secrets hurt everyone. Once under your skin, they rush to your head. It can't stop. They won't stop until they've rewritten us. Now they're whispering in your mind. Telling you the truth. Stop. Stop. Don't listen. Cover your ears. It's too late. You've left. Come back. Please.

Created: Aug 05, 2012


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