Home is Just a Building

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I've never really thought of home as a building. When I was growing up, I was always moving around. My friend's house felt like home to me more than the "home" I was living in. I was always going "home" to the same place, to my friend's house. Their home was fantastic. They had a garden we could eat veggies still covered in dirt, and they always had an above ground pool that was heated by flexible solar tubing. It was the best!
What I should have called home over the years, has been a myriad of structures.
A house on the main drag of town.
A trailer.
Another trailer right next door.
A trailer right across the street of the original trailer.
A duplex, with a laundry room in the basement, and spiders would lay their eggs in my clothes that my mom just didn't bring upstairs.
A small box, that was probably a garage at some point or another.
An apartment that was on stilts, in the middle of small town Washington.
And then my mom and I moved back into the small box.
I decided that I should try living two states away with my best friend in a dorm illegally for a summer. That was fun, but it was too small of a space for us both to be in.
I worked hard, and moved back into the town my best friend lived in, but not with her. I moved into a condo with a few people my age. We called it the naked house, because we didn't want to be confined to our bedrooms when we were naked. It worked out surprisingly fine. I met my husband there, we were neighbors.
I moved with one of my roommates into another sucky condo. We're a lot alike, and I couldn't stand it anymore, so my (then boyfriend,) and I moved into a basement apartment that I hated. I'm 5 feet and a quarter inches tall, and I couldn't see out of the windows at ground level, EVEN standing up!
I then moved back into the small box with my mom.
While I was visiting my husband right before he went to Iraq, my mom moved out. I lived there for a year, waiting for my husband to get back.
Then we moved into a small town about 45 minutes away from the town the small box was in.
Now we're in a two bedroom house, and it's all to ourselves.
We have a garden.
We're going to school.
This is the life.

Created: Aug 05, 2012


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