Suburban Lover Lyrics

By ManWithHat

A little waltz I wrote. It goes something like this:

You want to take me to a cocktail lounge
I'd rather drink in a dive
You're afraid of karaoke
I sing to feel alive
You just want the plain old truth
I'd rather tell a good lie
You want to watch "Sex in the City"
I'd rather gouge out my eyes

My suburban lover, my suburban lover
Can't have no other, but my suburban lover
My suburban lover, my suburban lover
I'll have to kill myself
If I'm dumb enough
To take another suburban lover.

You're out somewhere finding god
I'm just trying to make rent
I think Jesus is a Mexican
You think he's heaven-sent
With your fake'n'bake skin
I don't think we're a match
But somehow I forget it all
When I see your shaved


The only thing we have in common
Is where we began
I'm the one who got out
You let it crawl under your skin.

Suburban Lover Lyrics

Created: Jun 02, 2010


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