the kitten stories (chapter 6, Patrick)

By spin


*bree’s phone vibrates next to her face and wakes her up, its Patrick. She slides the phone open and answers.*

BREE: “ hello?”
PATRICK: “ hey b, come outside.”
BREE: “k”

Bree peeks out her window and see’s his little dark green 4 runner parked at the corner. She sneaks down the stairs and takes one last look at the clock before she leaves.

BREE: “5:56. wow, he’s early.”

With that, she grabbed her key and left, locking the worn wooden door behind her. Patrick was in the car, his music turned down and the heated seats turned on for bree. As he watched her approach he started to get butterflys. She looked so lovely, everything from the way she walked to the way she smiled. He sat there and watched her walk up and get into the passenger seat. Her body sank into the seat as she let her eyes close and the heat sink into her bones. Slowly her eyes pealed back open.

BREE: “what?”
PATRICK: “well where do you want to go?”
BREE: “ anywhere but here.”
PATRICK: “ well how long am I kidnapping you for?”
BREE: “ I have to be at school tomorrow.”
PATRICK: “ where did you get hit?”

Bree proceded to show him her arms and told him what had happened between her and her father earlier that day. Her right wrist was now somewhat swollen and she had bruises beginning to form on her left arm.

PATRICK: “ do you mind if I take you to my house?”
BREE: “ Uh…..”

She’d never been to his house. She had always wanted to go. Her brain started analizing the situation.

PATRICK: “ I’ll take you to school in the morning. You need to be away from here, and no offence, but I seriously don’t trust your house or anyone in it.”

“Wait, what?!?!? As in I’m spending the night there?? Uh…..”

PATRICK: “ B, I do need an answer…”
BREE: “ Sure.”

For the first hour of their ride to Murrietta they had techno playing. They were bouncing around singing along to what ever songs they knew, playing licence plate games and other fun things to pass the time. He was making sure she was happy by the time they got to his house. He wanted her to be nothing but happy around him, and if not happy he wanted to be there to comfort her. By the time they were 30 minutes away she had already fallen asleep in the passenger seat. She wasn’t normally tired by this time but her body had taken enough for one day. Her was so sore that all of the pain she was feeling melded into one throbbing pain that rocked her body to sleep.

*Patrick reaches over to wake her up and gently shakes her shoulder.*

*in a soft tone of voice*
PARTICK: “ B hunny, wake up, we’re here.”

*bree peaks out from under her fuzzy jacket and see’s a little pale white 2 story house covered in flower bushes and thick green grass. She looks to her left and see’s painting supplys in boxes sitting on the front door. Then she sits herself up and gets a clear view of their yard. There is a weeping willow in the front yard surrounded by roses and daisys and sun flowers. Every color flower you could imagin were in their front yard. But the yard didn’t look crowded it looked perfect.*

BREE: “Wow is this your house? Seriously?”
PATRICK: “ yep, but its starting to get freezeing cold. Come on lets get you inside.

the inside of his house was almost as magical as the outside but in a different way. All of the walls were filled with murals and tapestries and colaberation paintings. The only things remotely normal looking in there were the furniture and all of his furnature was black and fuzzy or matched the wall next to it in some way shape or form. He walked her around the house telling her the stories behind all of the collaborations and tapestries. Some of the paintings in the house were painted by some of his relatives. His entire family was filled with artists, musicians and hippys. While he was explaining all this to bree, her brain was still trying to process how this house could even exist. It was her dream home only better. Before she knew it, he had taken her all over the house exept his room and they were now facing a rather large sliding glass door. The other side of the glass had absolutely no light there wasn’t even a moon out to give a little bit of light. She heard a click of a light switch and then she could see the garden.

PATRICK: “ my mom loves gardening. She has a superb green thumb. My garden isn’t as good as hers, but I have a green thumb too. Would you like to walk around in the garden for a bit? There’s a hammock there if you want to relax and take in the scent of the yard.”
BREE: “ I’d love to!”
PATRICK: “while you do that I’ma take a shower and set up my room for movies. Go let yourself wander for a bit. You’re safe here.”

*bree turns around, gives him a big hug and bounds into the garden. She skips around the garden going from flower to flower and taking special care to get a good look at every plant. After about an hour she walked over to the rainbow hammock, lay her back down and take in the smell of the yard.*

*in a wisper*
BREE: “ wow. I hope life after death is like this.”

*Patrick is looking at bree playing in the garden from his bedroom window.*

*he gives a light chuckle and a smile*
PARTICK: “ she looks like a faery that has just found the forest for the first time.”

*he glances at the clock next to his bed. It read 9:45pm. He opends the window calling in a happy tone of voice*
PATRICK: “hey B! come on inside, the sprinklers are going to be coming on soon. You can take a shower if you feel like it too I cleaned up the bathroom and put in fresh towels…. Hurry inside before the sprinklers come on and I have to smell wet cat! “

*Patrick grins and B gives a light giggle at their inside joke and skips inside, walks up the stairs, and knocks on his bedroom door.*

BREE: “ may I enter?”
PARTICK: “ yes you may. What movie do you wana watch?”
BREE: “something funney.”
PATRICK: “Princess Bride?”
BREE: “sure.”

*bree let out a smile. His room had plants and spirals and random road signs all over his walls and floor. Patrick motioned towards his bed covered in pillows and fluffy blankets. As she sat down he pulled out a old black shoe box from underneath his bed.*

PATRICK: “ how’s the wrist?*
*he lightly touches her wrist and she winces*

PATRICK: “ slightly swollen and really tender. Okay.”
*he opends the box and she see’s a bunch on medical supplys crammed in there. He pulls out a glass bottle with what looks like watery honey inside with a cork plugging it. And he goes to his black mini fridge next to the bed that she had mistaken for a nightstand and pulled out an ice pack from the freezer side. Bree picks up the bottle and starts examining it.*

PATRICK: “ that’s tiger balm. It will help you heal up and feel a little better tomorrow. And the ice pack should help the swelling. This may hurt a little bit.”

*he dips two fingers into the tiger balm and dabs it on her bruises on her left arm first, gently massaging them into her skin till her skin stopped being shiney. Then he reached over to her right wrist taking special care not to twist it in any way shape or form. He then gently dabbed the tiger balm on it and started gently massaging it in.*

*in a careful voice*
PATRICK: “ and breathe…”
BREE: “ what?”
PATRICK: “ when something hurts you hold your breath. Don’t do that. Instead, you should breathe through it. It actually helps you when you keep it under control. It gives you something else to focus on.”
BREE: “ how did you get so knowledgeable about all this stuff?”
PATRICK: “ my mom likes to learn and do new things constantly. She went from being a cop, to being a professional circus performer, to a florist, to a psychoanalyst, to psychiatrist, to nurse, to painter. I helped her study for all of those things exept for her being a cop and a circus performer. And I also learned from what she would come home and talk about with me. That and I’ve done my own fair share of getting hurt.”

*bree stayed still as he finished rubbing the balm into her skin and took a minute to absorb what he said.*

BREE: “ wow, I love your mom even more now. Are you like your mom in the aspect that you like to learn and do new stuff?”

*with out hesitation he answered in a kind tone of voice*
PATRICK: “ yes. If you want to truly achieve in life, learn something new every day. I add that I chose to be happy every day and stay away from the drama to that regimen of good mental health.”
BREE: “ I think its all rubbed in.”

*bree looks down at the hand that’s being lightly held by his and she quickly pulls her had away and blushes.*

BREE: “I’m going to use the shower I’ll be back. You can start the movie with out me.”

*Bree quickly exits the room and walks into the bathroom, which like the rest of the house is decorated in a earthy décor. She took a minute to examine the temperature knobs to see how to get them to the temperature she liked, stripped down and hopped right in.*

this was an escape for her, even though it was at someone elses home. She let the water wash over her and wash away her embarrassment. She was so angry at herself because she shy’d away from him. All she wanted to do is go back in there, hold his hand, and cuddle during the movie. But now all she could do was wash away her embarrassment with shower water.

“why did I do that!? I should’ve just stayed in the room.”

*After she finished her showering ritual she walked hesitantly into his room.*

PATRICK: “ you know you didn’t need to run away like that.”
BREE: “ I know, I’m sorry.”
PATRICK: “ it’s okay, just come over here and cuddle up so you can enjoy the movie with me.”

Without hesitation she complied and curled herself up into his arms feeling the warmth of his touch on her skin soothing her. All of her negativity started to drift away and within the hour she fell asleep in his arms.

the kitten stories (chapter 6, Patrick)

Created: Jun 02, 2010


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