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This could be used for a postcard idea. Any REmixers?

An illustration on Little Bunny Bear on his travel.

His travel journal reads:

"Eversince I got this camera that was given to me by that peculiar merchant, RegJOE, I had decided to embark on a journey around the world of Historia. I never would have realised that a kingdom like this exist not too far away from Bearyville.

Upon arriving, I met this very chatty knight, Cardboard Boy (who was apparently a hero of the town of some sort) and he went to become my guide to this rather bizarre looking place where everyone has a Cardboard box for a head.

I find most, if not all of the folks here were rather chatty but very friendly folks indeed. They had unsually colourful buildings unlike those in Bearyville. I asked my guide if there was any significance with all the colourful roofs and he answered that each of them represented the identity of the building. Say, for example, red roofs are for residential buildings, green for shops and white for medical centres.

Then, this lady by the name of Ms. Handle-With-Care came along and gave me an uber detailed explanation on some of the other things about colour schemes. I'll skip that...they're mostly...trivial.

In any case, I had fun lodging in this place. And am glad that I was able to put this camera to good use. Oh, this picture was not taken by me, some paparazzi shot this and it's now leaked all over the HitRECord site."

P.S. Shane, you really got me starting on this one. Glad you came up with the idea of a boy wearing a Cardboard box. And when you mentioned medieval hero...this just came to mind. :D

Created: Aug 05, 2012

Tags: bunny, bizzare, character, bear, cardboard, character collab

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