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Home. Home is where you left it. Four walls barely standing because you tore apart the foundation. They're crumbling now. I can't keep them from falling. Your home you don't have anymore because you traded in years worth of faith and love for your sins. I'm not judging, because your decisions will cause me to spin out of control into a world clouded by bad decisions. Don't worry, eventually I find the ground and remember how to pick myself up, but just because I can stand now doesn't mean I stop feeling dizzy.

This home is closed now. The family has moved elsewhere. You won't find us there anymore. There being where you left us. The walls were covered in photos that only seemed to mock us. Photos with you in them, smiling back everytime we looked at them as if you really meant it. Your foot prints are imprinted in the carpet. Steps you took with us. They're all a joke now.

This home is condemned now. The foundation can never be rebuilt. The family that once lived here has fallen apart. Looking for a new home with new people to fill new walls with fake smiles. Don't bother looking for them now. Once you left they decided they never wanted to be found. They will always be lost to you.

Created: Aug 05, 2012

Tags: prose

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