Music Suggestion!!! (for easier REmixing)

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For any of your songs with a set bpm, it might be helpful to others to include the beats per minute (bpm) in the song's description, or as a tag (or better yet...both!!!) so as to make your records more accessible to potential REmixers. 

I've done a couple REmixes over the past few weeks in which I used some samples from random REcords that I found through the site's search function (one, by searching bpm), but generally, bpm-based searches don't seem to turn up many results. So, increasing the number of results from a bpm-based search could be incredibly useful for REmixers, and may just get your own RECords even more hits/REmixes!!

I know I've seen some people do this, but I don't think it's a common habit. I just went through all my applicable music and added this detail. So, not that you have to go back through all your music and do this, but at least it might be useful to include this info on any of your future music REcords.

Just a friendly suggestion!!! :)

Created: Aug 05, 2012


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