Choose Wisely

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I've lived in many homes throughout my life. There's my childhood home where I celebrated my third birthday party, had mud-fights with my sister, nearly killed myself by eating poisonous berries from the tree in our back-yard, and developed my first crush on the cute blonde neighbor around the corner.

There's my Army home where I made some of the best friends a tomboy could ever ask for, fell in love for the first time, shattered my ankle on a run and routinely got dumped in the snow by my "battles" because it's apparently fun to pick on short people.

There's the first home I shared with my husband where we played games by candlelight when the foul weather blew out the power, where I first began to understand the trials and tribulations surrounding marriage, it was the place where we exchanged rings after we married and dried our clothes on the hundreds of clothes lines strewn across the courtyard (it was super ghetto).

There's the second and third homes we shared that saw us through the great times and the horrible times. This is where he broke my heart and is the place where I discovered that I could take my power back.. that I didn't have to live a half-life.

There's the home I fled to after the fourth time he had an affair, where I started my own business, became a full-time writer, went on adventures, danced in the rain, planned Easter parties, decided to go to medical school and dressed up like a green fairy for Halloween... because that's what you do when you're single. Duh!

Then there's the home I live in now, be it ever so humble. This is my rock. This is my base. This is the place I come back to after I travel all over the world. It is simple. It is small. It has nothing but a place for me to lay my head and store the possessions that are left over from my liquidation efforts.

I'm happier here than I've ever been in my entire life and to me that is what a home is all about. It's not the location, the size or the decorating theme. It has nothing to do with the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. A home is only as good as what you fill it with. I choose to fill mine with laughter, love, learning and life.

When you are deciding what to fill yours with, choose wisely.

Created: Aug 04, 2012


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