The Final Goodbye

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It was dark outside when I saw you for the last time,

You were wearing that white T shirt that I gave you,

 And those blue jeans that you love so much.

You remember? The T shirt that I bought for you on Port San Juan?

It was dark outside as much as it was dark inside my heart,

You just sit down there, waiting for me to tell you something,

But what can I say, knowing that it was the last time that I’d see you?

Then you talk and the sound of your voice was really distant,

Like you were talking to me from miles away,

Then I said something, I don’t remember what,

And after minutes, watching each other,

We just hold hands, and started to talk about mundane things…

How expensive is life those days, why the gasoline is so expensive,

We talked about the hurricane that is approaching to our coasts,

Then we talked about our friend in common who gets married and then get divorced,

We talk about how beautiful was the moon 2 days ago,

And how people cannot pay attention to the global warming.

After one hour debating about all those things,

It was time to say goodbye, there are final goodbyes and this is one of them.

We hugged again, we saw each other for a long time, and then we hugged again.

And then you just left….

I let you go, knowing that it was one of those final goodbyes,

This is it?

This is the end?


Because I am really sure that soon or later,

We’ll be hugging again, and we’ll see each other again,

You sitting there, wearing those blue jeans and white T shirt,

Me, drinking my favorite frozen cappuccino,

Talking about mundane things, the gasoline, the global warming

And how expensive life is.

I’ll see you again, and hopefully it’s not going to be dark outside

And my heart is not going to be broken anymore.

I’ll see you again, my friend, it’s a promise that we made last night,

And we have to make it happen.

It was dark outside when I saw you for the last time,

With a heart full of hope but broken in pieces.



Created: Aug 04, 2012


GabyVaughan Document Media