Spring Is as Infatuation

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Clear the fragrance of spring fills every thinning of life’s

Tapestry with rich pollen, yellow delight.

Beauty walks amongst beauty, both kin,

Dazzle eyes of human mind and spirit full as well.


Thin water falls from pale sky, dampening hair, yet

Spirits bright remain, attain, become the brighter.

All pleasant things of world delight mind and soul,

Flavors fresh of fortune flow, from free-form facade to savor.


Emotions great and small, yet not so, as all are great;

For of romance, name in truth, is all I am, and want to be

Of feeling full and flowering hopeful and wholly in hiding not

But exposed, as is heart, all in all. Yet when another smiling

Returns all pains of former years dissipate like smoke over fire bright.

Created: Aug 04, 2012

Tags: poetry

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