Ghost story

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"Geez Billy, you reckon you should slow down a bit? Its getting really thick out there" Anna uttered, slightly panicked by the encroaching fog. "Look, it's a straight road and I've driven it a million times. I can see just fine" replied Billy, slightly annoyed at the suggestion. Although not convinced Anna remained silent, watching the whiteness being swallowed by the car.

Billy, aware of the silence and restless to get home turned on the radio. Music immediately filled the car, biting at Annas' ear drums. "Billy!" she exclaimed. "Shit, sorry, just give me a minute to turn it down for crying out loud!" cried Billy while adjusted the volume. He turned the dial in search of a channel he hoped would not instigate any further communication from his passenger.

Finding a station, Billy settled back in his chair. Anna glaring at him huffed audibly and proclaimed "Billy. Seriously, I don't want to listen to this crap"  and reached for the dial. Billy lurched forward, pushing Annas' hand away from the dial shouting "No, don't, I'll change it". Refusing to withdraw her hand Anna yelled back "Billy! Let me do it and watch the damn road!" . Billy exclaimed "For fuck sake Anna! Back off!".

Anna, disgusted with Billy's behaviour slumped back in her seat and fixed her gaze on the little bit of road she could see that was not enveloped by fog, taking comfort in the knowledge there now not too far away from home.

As Billy moved the dial the speakers projected a loud disturbing hiss and Anna yelled "Fuck! Just turn it off and watch the road!". "Would you shut up already! Christ, I can't wait to get out of this car!" Billy replied. "Hey! Don't get shitty with me because you can't work the radio in your piece of shit ca... Billy!" Anna suddenly shrieked.

Billy quickly spun his head in the direction Anna was pointing out the front window noting the car was rapidly approaching a figure silouetted by the fog. With little time to react Billy and Anna were momentarily stunned as the car drove silently through the figure.

Anna jolted her gaze toward the rear window, not entirely convinced of what she had just seen. Quietly she turned to Billy and said "Billy... I think you just hit a ghost". Billy pressed harder on the accelerator and replied "Well, at least the bugger's dead now".

Created: Aug 04, 2012

Tags: prose, dialogue, ghost, story, script

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