Willard and His Sister

By blueblended

From the way Willard looked like, one could have thought him a very nice boy indeed. Outside of his home he always showed up like a well-trained child. He always greeted the old ladies when they passed his way. And always, when he was around with his mother, he just gave her the thought of a Jesus-like son. But Willard wasn't in the slightest bit a brave boy. He always tortured his little sister when no one was at home and this happened quite often, for their parents, both of them, were workers.

Willard's sister's name was Nancy and she was indeed a very brave child. She liked her brother so very much and she knew quite well that her brother never ever would do any harm to her.

But as he always wanted, he said, "No my dearest sister I know I ought to be a brave little boy but I am sick of it and for so very bad."

He took her up into the attic of their house, bound her with wire to an old chair, lit a candle and told her most appalling things, because, as he said, "This is what bad boys ought to do! And now do listen: I am going to tell you something about a very strange man."

It was dark up there and the little sister didn't really like to hear what he wanted to tell so she said, "No I don't want to hear about it. Please let me go. I haven't done you any harm. Let me go! Unbind me from this chair at once!"

But he didn't heed her and continued with his cruel plan.

"Now, do listen sister: he had no wife, they say, and this man was old already. He never came out by day and when they saw him, it always was night. They ran away so to be not killed, because it was said that he is the one who brings us all into the grave."

"Oh give it a rest brother", said his sister with some anger in her face.

The boy stopped his performance and looked into her eyes as if she did something absolutely wrong.

Then he said, "Do you even know whom I'm talking about?"

"Of course I do, little fool. it is George you are talking about. He is the cemetery-guy. He's supposed to bring you into the grave. It is his duty, but only when you are dead. And for now the only one who wants you dead is me. So unbind me and let me go."

So the boy did. With his face hanging to the floor he loosened the wire around his sister and the chair. And now he stood in front of her, almost ready to lose some tears, still his face down to the floor.

Then his sister patted his head and said, "Don't be sad little brother. I can tell you, it once was very weird and exciting and I thank you for that but now I think I'm too old and your stories got old too."

Then she went down the stairs, back to her room from where she had set out or better, 'been kidnapped' and finished her work. The boy still up in the attic, kneeled on the floor and lost some tears and from the way he looked no one ever would have thought of him as a boy torturing his sister.

Willard and His Sister

Created: Jun 01, 2010


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