I am the Weapon of Mass Manipulation

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I am the weapon of Mass Manipulation. Mangled thoughts are processed and shoved through gritted distortions of epic augmentation. I display humanity in ways that anger, inflame and destroy. Come and gaze into my looking glass and see what I show, feel what I say and never think in your own way. Let me molest your being. Let me feed you your thoughts so that you masticate them into oblivion.


Communicate with text on screens. Communicate with strangers. Treat people with contempt and skepticism. Feed off my destructive doubt that festers your rotting wound of trust. Let me rule you with suggestive images of distraught and hope.


Relationships are unnecessary. Search your fantasy. I’ll show you all you can handle from whips to balls in chains to bounded chest to spike heels to bodily functions flying this way and that. Oh, let me tempt you with every salacious sensation you seek. Buy my extensions. Feel them so real. Allow your selfish to bloom. Let it grow to great heights. No one needs to see the sun. I am your sun. I’ll illuminate your sins, set you a glow, tan your wants and fill your will with vitamin damnation.


Death and blood splatter afar. The victims die at every age. Your couch is comfortable? It is nice. Donate money to a cause. We’ll make sure the children eat. A dime a day? Yes. Yes that’s all it takes. Send us the money. Give us the money. We want…sorry, We’ll use it right. No need to get off the couch. Use your cell. Text this. Text that. Donate. Will give what you give…after we take from the give to get what we deserve. Look at these sad children. Be sad for them. Be very sad. If you’re sad enough it’ll show in how much money you send. We’re waiting for your care via PayPal. Thanks.


Do leave your children in front of me. I enjoy children. Young. Powerless. Easily taken with a few cartoons and silly jokes. I’ll mold their morals to fit mine. I have morals and a bit of modesty to boot. Blood, guts, sex and lies are entertaining no matter the size. You are tired. Go take a nap. But first flip it on and I’ll entertain them. I’ll teach them who to trust. I’ll make a brat out of that. You should have done this or done whatever instead of bowing before me and allowing me to make your children in my own image. Foolish is but a human trait that I take advantage of so rightfully.


I am a weapon of Mass Manipulation. Beware of my rays of stolen days. I’ll take your hours and give you mush. I’ll take your time and spend it on useless meanderings of star tards and debutants of the dimwitted. Do not worry, do not fret, for I’ll make you turn me off and regret. You’ll miss something. You’ll be out of the loop. The world will laugh. The world will moan. The world will see far more than you.


I thank you for worshiping me with your eyes. The future couldn't have been mine without your time. Do not run off and tell your friends of what is to come. I only have one request for all the good I've bestowed you...






And enjoy my view. 

Created: Aug 04, 2012


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