Please, give me a new home

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I once had a wonderful home with a family that I called my own. I had been a puppy then, playful and full of energy. The kids and I would run in the back yard all day and cuddle at night.
Then, I started growing up. I could see higher places and I accidently knocked the kids down while playing. I was kicked out of the beds because I was 'too big'. The family I once did so much with now barely paid attention.
Finally one day I was placed in the car. Excitedly, I barked with my head out the window. Perhaps we are going to the park!
We pull up to a new place and my family takes me inside. The kids give me hug and my owners give me a pat on the head before my leash is passed to some lady. She seems nice and I watch my family walk out the door.
So that is goodbye? I now wait in a small cage, in a row of other dogs. I watch people come and go. I hope one day someone will give me a new home.

Created: Aug 04, 2012


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