Finding a Bittersweet Home (Part One)

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“Agent, I need you to take the kid to Peter’s room. After you do that, take his blood samples to the laboratory to see what they can do to lace them as family.”

“On it, Sir.”


“Who are you?” said old Peter, while squinting at the kid that was entering his room.


“They said I’m your grandson.” Said the kid.


“Huh. Interesting story they came up with now.” Mumbled Peter.


“What wrong?”


“Oh! Nothing, just talking to myself. Well, come here and talk to me a little. I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to someone with the same blood line as me.” Peter said while patting a small free space in his hospital bed.


“What do you mean when you say you’ve never talk to family before. Are you an orphan?” said the kid as he sat on the small space.


“No, I’ve talked to family, actually I still do. What I’ve never done before is to actually meet someone who is technically an offspring of mine, and not by bond but by blood. And that my little friend, its impossible.”


“Why is it impossible?” Said the kid, scared that he might have blown his cover.


“Because my dear, I’m gay, always been and always will be. Gratefully, these idiotic agents haven’t noticed all these years because I’ve known how to trick them. Apparently you are good at tricking people too; otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to make them think you are a boy. Am I right, darling?” said the old man with a smirk on his face.


“How did you noticed?!”


“Because honey, even though I’ve been passionate about men ever since I came out of my unknown mother’s womb, I know how to recognize women the moment I see them, even pretty little girls like you. But those agents are too focused on a certain goal that they forgot to double-check the details. Now dearie, its your turn to return the truth.”


“Return the truth?”


“Yes honey, I just told you the truth about me, now its time that you pay up with a truth in return. I’ll help you pick what you are going to say! How about telling me why are you here?”


“They… they told me to come here and say that I am your grandchild. And then…”


“And then you have to kill me... Well, it’s a smart plan. After you kill me people would think you made it on purpose, because I’ll labeled as the grandfather who never wanted you.” Said the old man, his gaze was a little lost in space.

 Continued in Part Two...

Created: Aug 04, 2012

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