Making a Home

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After years of living in someone else's, I finally have my own place, my own home.  I have been living with my parents for ninteen years, then a dorm for two, then renting from friends for about five.  Now I have a place that is mine.  It feels wonderful.  I know I will be sharing it with somebody someday, whether it be a roommate or a boyfrined.  But until then, I am living here.


It does make one think about what it means to be home.  It is a physical structure that keeps the outside weather out; or is it where you make something of yourself?  Home has a sense of letting your muscles relax.  Home allows you to dance in the middle of the room and not care if someone's watching.  Home is being able to take a cup of any hot drink and enjoy anywhere you please.


I have also considered what makes a town a home town.  Is it the city where the hospital you appeared in this earth is, or is it wherever that makes you who you are?  There are lots of ways to describe the word home, while there is one that describes house, condo, apartment, town, city, state.


Consider a nomad: the world is there home, and we each live in it.  They could be living inside a structure or decide to even live outside one, let alone no where near one.  The important thing is home is what makes a person who they are.  People do tend to say if one lives outside a structure....


This stopped there because the time stopped, but I'm sure someone will know where I'm going with this

Created: Aug 04, 2012


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