Wishing on the Same Stars

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This is the first poem I wrote and I would like to hear what you think:)


I still remember lying on the grass
Looking at the stars above us
Feeling the breezy air on my skin

Those were the best times
I swear I'm not lying
I felt it and you know why

Then wishing on falling stars,making dreams,clearing up my mind
There were no concers or sad thoughts that the stars couldn't erase
The leaves on the trees were dancing to the beat of our hearts
Peacefully,like there was no time

Now the falling leaves drifting by my window leave me numb
Bittersweet memories overwhelm my mind
I know this place it's still the same but for me it has changed
Though I'm still wishing on those falling stars

I know you do too
I can see the reflection of your eyes looking at the same sky we used to
And I feel it in the air that you're somewhere out there
Making the same wishes on those stars

All those leaves carry hopes,wishes,dreams
The shooting stars make heavy noises as they land upon my thoughts
I this all that was meant to be or will the sunrise turn the wheel?

As I stand still tonight rain falls on my window pane
And helps my memories haunt my thoughts
But at least I know you felt it too
And that it wasn't meant to fade away

Created: Aug 03, 2012

Tags: stars, love, leaves, sky, sadness, poetry

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