Aerie Fodder

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A fledgling disconnect. Heart strings burned by the ashes from your mouth. The burn of your memory sears the edges. Fade to black. The glow of the hearth has gone cold in your wake. A strange land appears where we once stood. A hollow grave made from your neglect. The vicious viper disguised as a lamb sits close to your side. She waits in the night. She waits until you’re out of sight.

Obligatory. A return to the nest. Nothing but charred twigs and whips of your name. I am a winged wanderer. This is no place of solitude. I take to the sky and I will fly until I can no longer hear the echoes of your swan song. Breathe deep. Home is no longer a place to land. Home is the sanctuary inside.

Created: Aug 03, 2012


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