Home in my Heart

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To those who don't have a home, whose hearts are full of despair and desolation, I can tell you that the safe place you seek is in your heart. I've been drifting for a long time, I don't have a material place where I can set down my hat and enjoy a jovial evening with good company.

But home is a place in my heart, a place that I fill with memories of good times and hopes for better times. I believe in the light of the heart, in the power of my own beliefs, and all of that is in my home. I oftentimes have to tidy it up, cause it gets a bit dirty with the day-to-day stresses and the doubts and the fears. But keeping it clean isn't the biggest problem; keeping it open is the true issue. It can close itself off, denying others a chance to rest their laurels at my doorstep and enter. It isn't on purpose, so it's a problem I deal with day to day.

Fortunately, my home is quite spacious, with beautiful furnishings of imagination and emotion. I move the things around a lot, but that's apart of growing up. All the doors are ornate, and each room is different. I tried to have my home have a single theme a long time ago, but it never worked out. It's a bit chaotic, but I haven't gotten any complaints yet. Above all things, it's cozy. Such a lofty place to escape to, like an elegant dreamscape of delirium and awe.

The home in my heart is valuable beyond even my own understanding, but one day that home will be materialized through my hard work and dedication. A home that is also a house, with a heart that is also a home....sounds funny doesn't it?

Created: Aug 03, 2012


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