The Taxidermist (very rough song idea)

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So, a very rough and goofy recording of a song idea I had, based on my poem, which was based on sojushots' illustration, "The Taxidermist."

I don't have the voice, nor the recording equipment, to do this justice. So hopefully some of you will be inspired to take this idea forward. For vocals, I was thinking someone like Ashes2Ashes could sound awesome on this style of song, but there are so many talented vocalists here that anyone should feel free.

Instrumentally, it could remain on the guitar, or piano would be great. I envision it as a pretty jazzy tune though, so ultimately, other instruments, like jazz-style drums and stuff could have a key part.

Hopefully somebody wants to do something with this!!! Feel free to remix the lyrics or whatever else, too!



Em G C7 B7



Rip! Tear!

I'll flay this, here, hare,

Till he has no innards left.


Fluff! Stuff!

This tends to be rough,

But his new cotton insides are soft.


Ooooh, Oooh,

I'm the taxidermist,

And I offer you the most impeccable service.

Though my clients say,

I give them the jitters,

There's no one better,

To take your dead pet,

And refurbish its figure.


Sew! Stitch!

And we're done in a pinch.

My craftsmanship is rather deft.


Pose and display:

What a lovely way,

To preserve your dear,

Beloved pet, post-death!

Created: Aug 03, 2012

Tags: vocal, guitar, song

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