And Home We Make

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Shut the door behind you

Leave tonight

Because you can 

because you have to


That familiar narrow path that leads to your house

never leads you home

Because people follow you 

and people know you around


Drive to a place so far away

drive your mind and learn to play

Head to where you have never been

Go & meet strangers you feel you have seen


Cover the fog, shape it with art

Believe today is going to tear you apart

You need to go through whatever it is

You need to break it to find one piece

One minute only

to start a new life

A thousand reasons

will trap you behind


They'll lock you in buildings 

they'll challenge your dreams

but they'll never find out

where your real home is


For home is a person

and home is your heart

and home we make

part by part.


Shut all that has been

There is no door

Home is your shadow

That's what it's for.


Created: Aug 03, 2012

Tags: home, lyrics, 10 minute, writing, poetry, free-verse

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