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And the man turned and the man left the house which he once called his home. The man wandered from this safe haven of his youth in search of something more, for his life in this house had become obsolete. Home to him was some place safe, a warm interior sheltering his family and himself from the harsh world outside. Once one of those things are compromised, a home becomes simply a house. The man did not handle his emotions well and this drove the man to drink. When the man drank, he did not handle himself well and this drove the man to yell. When the man would yell, his children would be scared and when they would get scared they would hide. The children feared the long days their father worked for they knew when he would return, he would begin to drink, drunk, and yell. The young boys favorite spot to hide was in a small nook that was in his closet. It was dark, and it was cold, but the small boy felt at home in this space. The girl however, was not so lucky. She was much to tall to hide in such a space. The girl had no home, she lived in a house after those long work days her father endured, alone. With the younger brother, and her father hiding from this emotionally monster that is shown after alcohol taints the mans body. A man knowns that after years, and years of such behavior, there comes a breaking point and at that breaking point people leave and people will change. When the children grew into adults they both depart from that house they had hid in. The girl was first, followed by the young boy. The man knew it would happen, but control is one thing he lost along with her. As the nights grew longer, and this house grew silent after the days of his recovery. The man had the strength and sobriety to leave it all behind. The man gathered a few possessions and took one last look at this former home that became a prison. He turned off the lights for the last time and the man turned away and the man left the house which he once called his home.

Created: Aug 03, 2012


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