Just got here

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I just found this place and it seems great. It is full of art and people who might not be selfless, but at least they are worried about creating something valuable for the world.

I plan on adding my part here. As I see how everyone else helps each other, takes from them and gives back to everyone else, I really see the purpose of becoming one with all of you that have been here... that will arrive here...

I just got here, the journey has been tiring and full of despair, though the reward seems even more important. I just got here without a single thing and found this refuge for all of us who may find within artistic expression, that single way of saying what otherwise might be wrongly judged by friends and family.

I hope I can give you what you've given me. I hope that when someone else finally gets here after the next five minutes or the next five years, they can feel as confortable as I am now. For art shall be a haven for us all.

I think we all can make a home from this place.

Created: Aug 03, 2012


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