Home No More [The Heart of The Lion's Den Ch.5]

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This is not the ending I expected, but it is here nonetheless. I am home. I am finally home.

I had managed to find and kill him. Snuck right past his elite guards (killing eight in the process) and put a bullet right in his head. Naturally, it did nothing, but I knew that would be the case. He seemed amused when I fired my weapon, and in his arrogance, ignored the fact that I still had the item. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, he met his demise upon contact with it.

Rumbles could be felt all across the land when he died. His men fled the tower in fear, only to be swallowed up by cracks in the ground that formed under their feet as they attempted escape. The skies opened up. It was truly glorious. I could feel a huge, burdensome weight lift off of my lungs, and those of everyone else, when he died. 

I walked outside of the city, stopping anywhere I liked as the streets were safe again. No Wilds. No more killings. No more fear. After a considerable amount of time, I walked through a world in slow repair to my home. I must say, I was suprised to see it in a state of semi-repair as several friends I thought dead were there to welcome me. Sitting in my old chair never felt so good...



I fell to the floor. The cold cement smacked my face, and as I opened my eyes with only smears of red and blurred images before me.


A fist has made contact with my face, breaking my jaw. I feel blood flow from my open mouth and sense I am missing several teeth. 

Suddenly, I remember everything. They caught me in the subway. They tortured me. They have the item. It's over.

"Such an interesting dream you were having. Well, it is over now. Welcome to my world," He says to me. As I pass out, I can see the cross being brought forward upon which I will be nailed. Hopefully I die before I'm up there too long...



Created: Aug 03, 2012


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