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i'll let you know

By rayperez

said we could make it through it all
and i would catch you if you fall
but it's that god damned alcohol that makes it hard
but if you ever need to go, just let me know...
i had to face my biggest fear
when i woke up and you weren't here,
i knew i'd get what i deserved for what i'd done to her...
so if you ever need to go, please let me know....
and then i saw you there with him
i know you say you're only friends...
but in my eyes i saw
the pain i caused
come right back again
so if i ever have to go
i'll let you know....
and it is better for us all
that those events can't be recalled
and if your memory comes back
will you forget for me?
'cause if i ever need to go...
i'll let you know......

i'll let you know

Created: May 31, 2010


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