LISWYII V4 (new verse&chorus!)

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So here's my try at the third verse and chorus. I also added some more stuff: clarinets, trumpets, violin and more vocals! It still needs more stuff, but this is just so that you can see the structure of the song! (the third verse&chorus start at 2.56!)


SINGERS: You wonderful people (Joab, aszarkowski, themetafictionist, poodlegoose, monkeychow and others that I haven't yet included to the mix!) who already have sung to this track: it would be super awesome if you'd sing the third chorus as well! Also anyone who hasn't yet sung it - give it a try! It would be great to try how it would sound if we'd get as many voices as possible to the final chorus.

HORNS: I think we also need more horns to play the solo - at least one trumpet without mute (I assume aaespo used mute here) and a trombone would be awesome. If you've got any other instruments in mind, don't be afraid to give it a try!

DRUMS: The song needs also more percussion. If anyone could play this with real drums, that would be great! Just use your creativity here, you could add more clapping, snapping, or use your cutlery, for example!

MORE VOCALS: I also added monkeychow's additions - and I really like the way they sound. Among other things, he sang "shit shit, shit without you" -part and some extra doo-be-doos. I think it would sound great if we could get more vocals to "shit shit". Also, it would be awesome if you'd give us your voice and add your own doo-be-doos - you know, make some party/carneval -sounds!


Let me know what you think!

Thank you so much <3


Here are the lyrics of the 3 verse&chorus:

So that’s it then, I guess you got the point by now, Thanks again, let me know if I can help you somehow But baby don’t come crying, if it comes to your mind: I might have been the best thing in your boring life

Now, I suppose, we say goodbye, oh So, here’s to you, one last time:

my life is shit without you in it! 



Created: Aug 02, 2012


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