Don't Have to be Cool (Van-Gramsci Work it Out Remix)

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So this is COMPLETELY different than I was originally intending these vocals to sound. I wanted to go for a more sexy, soothing, somewhat romantic sound....and then I did a 180 and went in almost the completely opposite direction. it's more edgy and fun now...I don't know how great my vocals are on this one but if anyone is intersted I think it would sound rad with a smooth flow from an amazing rapper. Preferably a guy but if a chick can rock....GO FOR IT! My original beat was more upbeat and playful and I just didn't know what to do with it or how to sing it. I lost I was happy to see Jason pull out the darker elements and rework it all. It's edgy! It's Sexy! It's fun!  Hopefully my vocals only add to the progress...and if someone chooses to lay something down on this, feel free to omit any vocals that may conflict with yours :)


I will post vocals stems this evening!!!

Created: Aug 02, 2012


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