Voyager Collab - I'll Never Die

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The world's already dead. Ashes cover the once blue sky I remembered seeing. I missed those days when we will all go to the beach in the summer or hike up the snowy hills for skiing in the winter. And I missed those days when I could still hear the harmonious sounds of mother nature...they're all gone, replaced by the hissing sound of this  post-apocalyptic world.

I could no longer feel emotions like how I did in the past. Thanks to the Static...that hideous outbreak that took the world beautiful face. My love Steven was an idiot to let the Static transmute him and was soon 'switched off' before my very eyes. My love, why hadn't you listened? If you had amputated your precious body part and fixed it soon, you and I could still be here together. Now, I'm left with the memory of your mangled expression ere your demise in my mind.

Or should it be me who was supposed to listen instead? No, I was scared of dying, I wasn't ready for it...I need to live on.

I remember the sensation of amputating my infected head and replacing it with a TV. I wonder why I had not even hesitated a second when I did that? Maybe I was just too beautiful to die. Look, I get to live on in this world without the fear of the Static...wuthout the fear of death.

Now, as I think of it, who needed the old world anyway? If it still existed I would grow old and die one day but now I won't age just as long as I devour the flesh of another, I will still remain beautiful. Yes, I may be a lonely Voyager...but I'm loving every minute of this New World. I don't need anyone or anything, I only needed myself...


Created: Aug 02, 2012


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