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It was the last day of Junior year and,as track season was over I got to join the stream from the boy's school as it merged with one from the girls school heading into the park . I used to envy them, watching while I was at practice, having their little daily mini-party after being so carefully separated all day in school. 

I approached a picnic bench full of kids I knew from grade school but hadn't seen much lately. She was there too. The girl a had a crush on for years, since she used to ride her purple bike with the white seat through our neighborhood.

I waved awkwardly when I was invited over and offered a beer. I didn't mind that it was warm; celebrating the end of the school year by waiting for the track to end on the 8track so they could play Alice Cooper's Schools Out again.

She asked me if I was going down the shore that summer. I said yes -Wildwood- the last week in July and coincidently her family had a place there all summer.  I should stop by. I said I would.

But when the week came I never did. Instead I hung around her neighborhood eating slices of pizza and water ices, hoping to see her. But I didn't   

Created: Aug 02, 2012


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