I Am The Voyager

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The mist was thick over the murky bog. Adam didn't mind, he'd traveled the route many times, perhaps even hundreds in the last few years. No one else was willing to cross the area, calling it haunted.
"All being so superstitious," Adam said, pushing his hat back. He squinted. The air was so thick, he couldn't even truly see the road in front of him. "Travel by faith," He said out loud. He'd learned to talk comfort to himself; no one else would attend him here, so he tried to make the best of it.
Adam had become quite the entrepreneur from this business of his; televisions were few and far between in these parts before he began transporting them. He paid off his van with the first trip! Since then it was all profit. No competition either, since everyone in the area feared to even come close to the road to Pleasant View, just beyond the bog. The thing he'd never tell though was he was the one who started the rumor of the haunting. Easy money, he thought to himself, reaching across the dashboard for his pack of cigarettes.
Adam saw something flash across the road in front of him, he hit the brakes, sliding and swerving to the left, then the right! His van's back wheels left the road, sinking into the soft Pete of the bog. Stuck in the mud.
"Dammit!" Adam shouted, slamming his fists into the steering wheel. He exited the van, examining the predicament he was now in.
"Was that a deer...?" There was no way he could get it loose. He'd need a wench. And it was getting dark now.
"The hell was that?" Adam barked into the fog. No reply came. Just wispy fog and willow-the-wisps in the distance.
He walked only ten feet when he saw it again. The what-ever-it-was that shocked him off the road. It stood in the road ahead of him, motionless. It looked like a woman, but she was naked! And her arms...
"Where are her arms..." he whispered to himself. They ended just above where the elbow would have been. Her head was covered by some kind of obscurity. It looked like a television. The being still didn't move.
"Excuse me, ma'am?" Adam said louder. Still it did not move. He went closer. I'm not afraid, he thought, lying to himself. He reached out to touch her shoulder.
The being spun around. The sound of radio static filled the air; Adam fell back, landing on his palms, crawling backwards away from the horrifying visage before him. It's body contorted, shifted like that of images coming in and out of focus on a television screen. It's head displayed all kinds of strange imagery: a hand, an eye, feathers, teeth. It cycled through image after image, screeching louder and louder the sound of static.
"Jesus, help me!" Adam said, almost too horrified to move. The contorting figure before him stopped its advance.
"He cannot help you here," The creature said, its voice cracking and fizzling. Its face showed a picture of the crucifix, which caught fire like overheated film and blistered away.
The screen showed a hand, outstretched, its fingers curling in as though crushing an invisible note card.
"This isn't real," Adam said, covering his eyes.
"It most certainly is!" The creature said so loudly, so oppressively, that the trees nearby shook as if hit by a sudden gale.
"What do you want from me?" Adam said, shaking. Its screen showed a set of fang-like teeth, drooling black oil, or perhaps tar.
"What makes you think I want you at all?" The being said.
"What are you?" Adam cried.
"Voyager..." It whispered, leaning forward and bending to the ground. "I am the epitaph of all that passes this cursed bog. I am death. I am life. I am darkness. I am moonlight. I am human. I am beast. I am your fear. I am your courage. I am."
"Are you here to kill me?" Adam managed to spit out.
"I am nothing. I am everything. I am filth. I am virtue. I am wicked. I am righteousness. I am." Its screen showed a large weeping eye, shifting and folding over and over again.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" Adam yelled.
"I am your-"
"BE GONE!" Adam looked up from his fright. It was gone. His body shook, his face was pale, but Voyager was gone. He looked around himself. The van was safely on the road as though nothing had ever happened. He stood quickly and ran back to his van.
Slamming the door shut, he grabbed his pack of cigarettes and hastily lit one. After a long drag he exhaled a sigh of relief. He looked in his rear-view mirror, suddenly gasping and shaking again! He calmed, realizing it was only the television sets he'd planned to sell that day. He chuckled to himself, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.
"The hell was I thinking?" Adam said, sucking on his cigarette again.
"I am your thought," Came the voice of static from behind him.

Created: Aug 02, 2012


A.C. Moore Document Media