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You know how when were little, we are told that we can be anything we want when we're older? It's encouraged that we believe we can become a superhero or a princess when we get older. We get older and then its all about becoming an actor or a rockstar. It seems so easy when we're kids. When you get to being a very young teenager, you're asked what you want to do when you get older? Even though you're only about 14 years old, these people asking you are expecting  an answer like doctor or lawyer. You answer with something different than what they want to hear, in my case, film director. Disappointment grows across the person's face. Well, I guess I could see maybe why they're disappointed. They're probably thinking, how could you, someone so ordinary, get a chance like that? I just wonder what they mean by, "ordinary person." All these well-known people in the entrertainment industries are all ordinary people, aren't they? They're still human, right? That doesn't mean that I don't have a chance. This is my dream and I'm going to follow it, without letting anyone get in my way.

Created: Aug 02, 2012

Tags: dream, emigray13, growing up, happy, director

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